The Shakti Sadhana Oracle Bundle

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The Shakti Sadhana Oracle Bundle 

The Oracle and Mala Bead Bundle…

Thirteen Master Shakti Cards  

150 Page Companion Guidebook

Rudraksha Mala Bead Prayer Necklace 

Work with the wisdom and power of thirteen Goddess Archetypes and understand their sacred symbols that embody Sacred Feminine Power. The oracle is beautifully designed and the guidebook is filled with sacred practices and meditations.   

Mala necklaces are traditionally made with the Rudraksha seed  which is believed to offer protection, by creating a protective layer of one's energy to maintain peace from outside influences. The more you chant into the seeds, the more powerful they become. This type of practice is called Japa Meditation which means 'to recite'.  When chanting mantras, the Mala creates a sacred connection between the mind, body and soul.  

The Sankalpa eBook- Setting Your Intentions
The Embodied Feminine Ritual eBook
FREE ACCESS to The Embodied Feminine - 13 day Embodiment Temple Workshop
The Embodied Feminine -13 Day Embodiment Temple Workshop is a sacred space of Sisterhood. Learn how to work with the oracle and each Goddess to help you on your journey of transformation. 
Join our private portal for free and get free access to the program. The Embodied Feminine Online Temple is a private and safe container for women who are on the path of the Sacred Feminine. 

We can embody and tap into the power and wisdom of the Goddess through having a sacred spiritual practice, and by invoking her presence with intention, embodiment and meditation.

Please note: This is a sneak preview of the 54 card oracle deck only!

The full oracle will be launched Spring/Summer 2022!