Always Choose Love

By Tanya LeBlanc
Always Choose Love

I remember being young and so fearless. My sole purpose was to be happy and do everything I loved. I was a bright shining force that didn’t believe in fear, that it was a fabrication of the mind and ego to trick us into believing that fear was real. And from a Buddhist perspective that is still actually true, but fear can also feel so real that it can immobilize us, paralyze our souls work and cause us so much suffering. 

A few weeks after this company was created I went back to India, and LOVE NOT FEAR became the message of my whole journey. I found myself caught up in so much of my own fear, very old deep wounds from childhood and lifetimes ago, along with a broken and wounded heart. All of my fears looked at me deep in the eyes and gripped me with so much pain and feelings of hopelessness. This wasn’t supposed to happen to me on this trip. I was supposed to love myself and find myself again after feeling lost for those few years. I was supposed to LOVE myself not live with more fear.

After days in bed and with much soul searching, I followed the guidance of my heart. I could feel my soul nudge me into remembering who I truly was. I was reminded of my own self-worth and I decided to believe in a different story. Rather than believing that I wasn’t good enough, that I was a failure in life and in love, I decided to change my story. With much healing, lots of tears and going into a place of stillness, I transformed my beliefs and fears by giving myself some love because I AM worthy, I AM lovable and I AM good enough. 

 Staying positive, believing in ourselves and living from a place of love is not always an easy task. Our daily life experiences can really get us down. Life happens, things don’t always work out, the list goes on and on. Fear has a way of taking over the mind and tricking us into having beliefs about ourselves that are just not true. 

As Ekhart Tolle explains in his book The Power of Now, “The psychological condition of fear is divorced from any concrete and true immediate danger. It comes in many forms: unease, worry, anxiety, insecurity, nervousness, tension, dread, phobia, and so on. This kind of psychological fear is always of something that might happen, not of something that is happening now.”

We are now living in a world where many of us do not know how to listen to the truth of our own heart and soul. Instead we are being bombarded with fear everywhere we turn. There is a major shift happening upon the planet right now,. The shadow is surfacing and being seen, but you still get to choose.

Do you choose love, or fear?

To heal fear we must understand our fear, for it is the root of all suffering. We can no longer hide from these fears or pretend they don’t exist. They need to come to the surface, to be examined and magnified so that we can begin to understand ourselves and each other more. We must begin the deep cleansing and healing for this planet, and it starts with ourselves through LOVE.

So how can we release and heal these fears?

The answer and antidote is love.

Love is the answer to all suffering. It is the spiritual and driving force that uplifts us to a higher level of being. We were born from love and love is our natural state of being. 



LOVE heals all wounds and is the force that keeps everything together. Love is a human right and is at the core of our existence. Love is tolerant and kind. It is understanding and compassionate. Love is gentle and patient, it’s beautiful and gracious, but most of all love is a feeling of acceptance, acceptance of ourselves, and acceptance of others.

Can you imagine living in a world where we all loved and accepted each other?

Where love guided us rather than our fears?

This is the kind of world I want to live in. It is our birthright to be loved and to experience this deep love within. 

Love and fear are two opposing forces. One cannot exist with the other. We have been manipulated too long to believe in fear. We need to believe in more LOVE not fear, yet to begin loving ourselves we must understand our fears. Understanding our fears is a way of healing them, going to the root cause and transforming them into love. 

So ask yourself, what do you fear and why do you fear them?

Where do these fears come from?

Are they psychological fears made up in the mind?

Do they come from a direct experience or pattern?

Or have they been taught to you in a form of control to breed fear?

Are you watching too much TV?

Know your fears.



The name Love Not Fear was inspired because of the fear propaganda I saw during the refugee crisis in Syria. The fear and racism I saw all around social media and the news deeply saddened but also angered me.  When 3 year old Alan Kurdi, the Syrian boy who drowned and washed up on the Turkish shore, and whose image made global headlines, people cried. “We must help the refugees!”  But when the attacks in Paris took place those same compassionate people were suddenly in fear, and became hateful and racist, fearing helpless refugees all because of mainstream media and the fear propaganda against Islam. They lost their humanness and it was so disheartening to see.  

Today the fear machine has returned. It is everywhere on mainstream news and social media. We are all losing our sovereignty and the ability to think for ourselves.

Take a break, turn it all off and just sit with yourself in silence.


Inhale love.

Exhale fear.

You will be okay.

Do this for at least 10 minutes per day!

I promise you will feel better. 




Always choose LOVE.