Our Story

Love Not Fear is not just a fashion and jewelry brand, we are a socially conscious lifestyle for the woman with compassion, style and intention. We not only want you to feel stunning in our creations, but our hope is to empower you to live a conscious life, one filled with love, not fear. We are proud of what we do, but creating jewelry and dresses are not enough. Our mission is to help you open your hearts to the world around us and to have compassion for yourself and others. We continue to grow and expand each year and are excited on what’s on the horizon.

Thank you for being here, and choosing love. 

How it all started

Love Not Fear is the creation of Tanya LeBlanc, who never in her wildest dreams thought she would be running a fashion brand and business. Inspired after one of her many trips to India, Love Not Fear formed after an intensive study of Classical Indian Dance in the small and holy town of Pushkar, a town of magic, mystery and ancient wisdom. Pushkar is also a town known for its abundance of tailors and textiles. 

Tanya has always had a taste for style and an eye for beautiful things. She has been drawn to the culture of India since she was a young girl and gets her inspiration from this magical place. Formed in 2016, nineteen years after her first trip, Love Not Fear was born as a result of her inspiration.

Love Not Fear has grown organically since its inception, and has truly been a spiritual experience. It was Shakti who kept calling Tanya to India. Shakti is the power of the Deep and Sacred Feminine who has many faces and form. The Goddesses of India have made an impact on Tanya in a deep and powerful way. Our dresses are not only named after them, but they truly embody their magic.

Tanya's biggest passions are dance and writing, and creating and growing the Love Not Fear story. Her focus is to share her own encounters with spirituality, the Goddess and the deeper meaning of life. May you feel the blessings and intentions when wearing our designs. If you wish to hear and read more about our story, inspirations and current projects, visit our Journal. 

Our Ethics

We consider ourselves to be part of the Slow Fashion Movement. Our goal is to empower our customers to make buying decisions that make a positive impact on the planet and other living beings. We focus on quality over quantity by keeping our collections unique and small, so that we do not over produce and contribute to the waste of the textile industry. Our designs do not follow the fast fashion trends, but are classic and versatile and will last a lifetime.

We believe our dresses will most likely be passed down to your daughters. 

Our designs are made with intention, reflecting the culture of India. We source up cycled saris and use dead stock fabric where we use every last piece. 

We also work with small family businesses that have been in business for generations. We work with 2 family businesses of tailors, a family business of brass makers, and one bag maker all from Pushkar Rajasthan. 

On our last trip to India we found a small group of women in Varanasi, to produce one of our popular dresses, the one of a kind Devi Wrap Dress made from up cycled saris sourced in Rajasthan. We are sad to say that we will not be going to India in 2021, our first time in 6 years, so this dress cannot be made as it takes much time to source the perfect saris for this collection. 

Finding women to sew in India is also more challenging than one would think. Men hold the role of tailors, which has been passed down for generations. The wives and women of the families will sew behind the scenes. It was our plan to form this group of women this year to begin production for this best selling dress, but it will be very difficult to do without the proper fabric, and to set this up from so far away. For now we will continue to work with our family businesses in Pushkar. 


Giving back

It is very difficult to visit India without giving back to the community there. The Indian people are the sweetest people you will ever meet, but the extreme poverty is difficult to comprehend, even when one has visited this place many times. You will be touched in so many ways by their innocence, the culture and way of life. We have developed deep and meaningful relationships with many, especially in the town of Pushkar. 

A small portion of profits sponsors two families through a food program at the Fior Di Loto School for Girls. We also sponsor girls education through the school and believe that every girl deserves an education. A little goes a long way and we do our best to help those who have touched us during our many journeys to India.

If you wish to sponsor a family for a month of food, please go here.


Exploring India

For the last few years Tanya began to lead 3 week tours to India called, To India with Love, exploring the places that inspired her on her many journeys. Beginning in Delhi the tour would visit Agra, Rishikesh, Khujuraho, Jaipur, Pushkar and Jodphur.  

Due to the current world situation, tours will sadly be put on hold. We will now focus on growing our online boutique and offerings here in Canada. 

LOVE UNITES, fear divides.  

There is one young soul that means the world to us. Her name is Tara and her dream is to attend college. She has been getting an education through an NGO called The Vikas Project, which has excelled her learning to an advanced level for her age, but to be accepted into college when she gets older, she must attend an official school. We have been trying to enrol her into Fior Di Loto, but without her birth certificate she will not be able to register. Getting a birth certificate can be an ordeal and very difficult to do as many births are not registered. Luckily she was born in a hospital, but her family have had issues obtaining it. Thankfully she was able to obtain her citizen card, and we hoped it would be sufficient for her enrollment, but sadly they still need her birth certificate.

Tara's family is extremely poor, as her father is not able to work due to illness. Her mother died when she was a toddler, but her step mother has been a wonderful mother to her. For a little bit of money she would sell anklets and give henna to the many tourists that would frequent the town of Pushkar, but now there is no tourism. We were hoping to help her get her birth certificate this year, but sadly we will not be visiting India. We currently feed her family of 21 people each and every month and send funds for other personal needs. For now she still attends school and is happy to be learning. Her dream is to be a doctor or teacher one day. 

Where there is love, there is life. 

Always Choose Love