Ring Sizing

The rings we stock are size 6,7,8 and some in size 5 and 9. You can place a special order for sizes not readily available which will take 2-3 weeks for production and delivery. Please contact us to make your special order. 

Our rings are sized in Canadian sizes. If you do not know your size, please take a look at our charts below to determine your correct size. We will exchange wrong size rings with no extra charge, but you will have to cover both shipping costs.

There are two ways to measure your ring size. Please do both techniques to get the correct size. 

Option one is the diameter chart above. 
  • Find a ring that fits you perfectly.
  • Using a strong straight ruler, measure the width from the inner edge from the left to right in the centre of the circle. If you measure from the outside of the ring, it will be too big.
  • Take your measurement and compare it to the chart above to determine your size.
  • Round up to the next size if you find your measurement .2mm over.
  • Do not use other sizing charts as they may differ from our sizing.
  • Do not measure from the outside edges. 
  • Do not put your ring up to compare to the images above. The rings must be measured with a straight ruler. 


 Option two is the circumference chart above.

  • Find a ring that fits you perfectly
  • Take a string and and wrap it around your finger at the part where your ring will sit.
  • Mark where the edge touches and cut with scissors.
  • Now take the string and measure it to your straight ruler.
  • Compare the measurements to the measurements in the chart above.
  • Please note the circles above are not to be used to compare. You must match the measurements from your ruler to the measurements above.


Let us know if you have any questions! 

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