Invoking Mother Durga

By Tanya LeBlanc
Invoking Mother Durga

Jai Ma Durga!

Do you know who the great Maha Durga is?

Durga is a beautiful and powerful Warrior Goddess in the Vedic Culture.

Did you know that she can bring you spiritual strength and empowerment, and can help you move through and face your fears?

She will help you stand strong when everything around you seems to be falling apart.

Many years ago during my spiritual awakening, I saw a clear vision of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Her hair was deep luscious brown, her eyes were piercing with light and her face was delicate yet fierce of unfathomable power. She was riding a lion, had many arms, and was holding different weapons and a lotus flower.

I did not know who she was but her presence was powerful indeed.

I didn't see her again until many years later, when I was meditating at a 10 day silent retreat called Vipassana. She appeared as a vision in my minds eye, the Ajna chakra.

I was still uncertain who she was for I thought she might have been the fearsome and powerful Goddess Kali, and although they are closely related, I soon discovered that she was Durga, the Warrior Goddess of Spiritual Strength and Empowerment.

A few years after this vision, Durga appeared to me again.
This time she came to me very clearly in a dream.
It was an image of her face looking deeply into my eyes, and into my heart and soul.
Durga was calling me back to India.
I had lost my power.
I had to escape an emotionally abusive relationship with a narcissist man.

Durga was calling me home.
Back to my soul.
Back to my heart.
And back to my power.

It was over a span of 19 years since I first saw her in my vision, and on this third trip to India, Durga finally made herself known to me.

Durga was everywhere on that journey.
Every place I looked there she was.
I developed an intimate relationship with her.
I visited her everyday at the temple.
I had a daily sadhana with her.
I prayed to her and chanted her name.
She showed me my power.
She helped me break free from my emotionally draining relationship.
She became the force behind my new business Love Not Fear.

Today Durga is my go to Goddess, whenever I need a dose of courage, strength and empowerment.

Sometimes I call upon her to give me some much needed confidence, or to help me move through my fears.

You can invoke her too!



Durga Sadhana

The image above is the Durga Yantra.

A Yantra is a geometric form that embodies the power of Shakti. 

Yantra Meditation is an ancient Tantric practice that activates the Ajna chakra, also known as the Third Eye. A Yantra is a geometric and cosmological symbol or diagram that is embedded with mantras and sound and used for ritual and deep contemplative practices.

Each Shakti in the Tantric tradition has her own Yantra, her source of power in a physical form. The aim is to gaze into the sacred geometric symbol so that the image and vibration will implant itself into the Ajna chakra. Yantra Meditation is a powerful tool and aid for your spiritual practice. 

Gaze into the centre of the Durga Yantra for a few deep breaths.

Breathe in her power and essence.

Now close your eyes and bring the vision of her yantra to your mind’s eye.

Visualize yourself sitting in a sphere of golden light. 

Keep your heart open and pure.

Repeat Durga’s Mantra 9 times

Om Dum Durgayei Namaha

Now gaze into her yantra again for a few deep breaths.

Breath in her source of inner strength. 

Now close your eyes again with your attention on your eyebrow centre. 

Feel the golden sphere expanding around you. 

Repeat Durga's Mantra 9 times.

Om Dum Durgayei Namaha

Feel her power rising within you.

Repeat one more time. 

Mother Durga is the Remover of Difficulty. 

She is the Goddess of Spiritual Strength. 

Call upon her anytime you need some deep love and inner power. 

Now bring your hands to Anjali Prayer Mudra at the heart and give thanks to Maha Durga.

Know that she loves you deeply. 

Jai Jai Ma Durga!!