The Goddess is Rising

By Tanya LeBlanc
The Goddess is Rising

Maha Shakti is the Great Power of the Divine Feminine.

 To access her we must descend, go downwards, into the roots, deep into the ground and soil, and into the dark space of the womb.

Mother Earth is the consciousness and the holy body of the Sacred and Deep Feminine. To enter her world we must dive into the consciousness of the body.

The Sacred Gateway is the womb.

The womb is dark, and moist and full of nourishment and creation, and so is the womb of our Mother, the Earth, Mama Gaia, Pachamama and Tonanzin.

Maha Shakti has many names.

She is known as the Divine Mother or Maha Devi - The Great Mother of the Universe and she is a shapeshifter, changing into many forms.

She embodies the power of the Divine Feminine in all of her manifestations, for nothing separates her from herself, as she is everywhere and everything.

She is the Life Force within and all around us.

She is the power behind our movement and breath, and when we invoke her, she gives us strength, love, healing and wisdom. She is a living, breathing and tangible thing.

She is Kali, Lakshmi, Lalita, Durga, Sekhmet, Kuan Yin, Green Tara, Mother Earth herself and so much more. She truly is alive and we can access her at anytime.


Maha Shakti is the consciousness of the physical world, and even though we live in this world, we are still afraid to descend, to plunge into the deep emotional waters of our bodies, and into the deep feminine. We have become so detached from our own bodies, so much so that when one has a spiritual awakening, we tend to not want to be in this body, we want to ascend to the higher realms of consciousness, and stay there.

Yes, what a divine place to be when we can access the higher realms, but we cannot experience true divine bliss without the body. We cannot access the soul without first recognizing the body.

We have not been taught to love our bodies, to respect the earth and to honour the Feminine, yet her power, her magic runs deep within the DNA of our cells.

She is ancient and primal, and some believe she is older than God.

In the Tantric tradition when Shakti unites with Shiva, it is she who is the Supreme Consciousness. The highest aim and desire in Tantra is to reach God, but the way to reach him is to access the body and wisdom of the Goddess. We must descend before we can ascend. And even though we live in the physical world, we are so profoundly cut off from her.

How can we master and integrate the soul when we are so disconnected from our own world?

Uncovering her stories and her ancient wisdom is prevalent for these changing times. We are in a state of urgency on this planet to heal our broken relationship with the Divine Feminine. The male dominance of this planet is disconnected and disassociated with the feminine and we have completely lost touch with her.

The imbalance and destruction of the earth is a direct reflection of the disregard we have for our Mother and our own bodies.

The Indigenous people of the world deeply honour and respect the Mother.

In North and South America they would be mindful to take take care of the planet for seven generations after them. Whatever was taken from the Earth was always replaced. And today when one picks up a rock or flower, an offering of tobacco or sage, or even a piece of hair is placed down as an act of gratitude.

Giving back to the Earth is taking care of her and in return taking care of ourselves. In today’s world we take from the Earth and strip her of her resources to only live for today without a thought of our impact on the future. If we only honoured the Indigenous way, we would truly live in a world with enough for everyone to thrive.

This is the path of the Sacred Feminine.

We must understand that we are directly linked to her and everything that happens on this planet.

We are all interconnected.

We can no longer ignore this big and perfect truth.

We of course can begin now to change the way we treat her, to find alternative and sustainable ways to live. Our society as a whole must change for it is not working and never has since the fall of the Goddess.

We can start now to heal the earth by healing our relationship to women.

Mother Earth is the true personification of the Goddess.

The consciousness of the Earth is feminine and is the embodied Shakti. She offers us abundance and nourishment and is the consciousness of the physical world. We can access her wisdom through our own bodies, and through our senses.

We can taste her, touch her, see her, smell her and hear her.

The Deep Feminine is a vibration that we can directly experience, rather than out of body. To reach her wisdom we descend into the body, where we can access all of her codes. She gives us life and our natural birthright is to be in touch with her.

All of our healing is within, not without.

The latin word Mater translates to matter, which translates to Mother. She is the giver of life, the sustainer of life and she is the cornucopia of true wealth. The body, the material, the physical abundance of the world is the physicality of the feminine principle and her consciousness.

The earth is the Primordial Shakti.

She is full and ripe of unlimited abundance.

When a woman is powerful, sexual, and strong she is filled with Shakti power, so full that her natural way of being is to share, nourish and to give to others. She does not hoard and get greedy, or becomes a billionaire, rather she shares her inner richness with all who come in contact with her, just as the earth does for us.

She provides.

We cannot expect to live an abundant life when we are not full. Full of love, full of life, full of sexuality and personal power. To be aligned with the power of the Deep Feminine means to be full. So much so that it pours out of us and overflows.

For centuries we women have been told to keep our mouths shut, to act proper and to not stand up for what we believe in. We have lived in fear of violence, we have been dependent on other’s for our survival, and we had many rights taken away.

We have been raped, and tormented and burned at the stake and we have been stoned for speaking to other men. Even today in many countries, women are still very much suppressed with little to no voice or education.

In the West, rape culture, sexism and misogyny is at a rise and despite this reality we have still made some progress, as only 60 years ago western women were still second class citizens, not allowed to vote, didn’t really have jobs and were submissive to their husbands. Yet today, women in America are still fighting ‘white men in power’ to have control over their own bodies and reproductive systems.

The patriarch lives in fear of the true power of the Goddess.

With misogyny on the rise, weak and insecure men still feel that they should be in control. When the toxic masculine is pushed hard he becomes violent and creates fear. The male ego does not like to see the truth. This has been the way for 2000 years, when the patriarchs slandered the Goddess and took control.

This adverse attitude is still very much alive today. When Facebook leaked our information to Cambridge Analytics, the highest grossing algorithm was the hatred for women. As much as women have come this far, we have such a ways to go.

This writing is not meant to bring contempt towards the masculine, as the Divine and Sacred Masculine is needed for our true ascension. The divine masculine brings balance to the feminine, and in return she brings him the biggest love.

The healed masculine is tender, attentive, compassionate and aware. He holds an inner strength and confidence that is grounded, rooted and sound. The healed Feminine is sensual, passionate, creative and free and is able to love and nurture herself and others.

These polarities need each other and so does the world we live in. As the feminine rises and blooms the healed masculine will honour and protect her. And as the masculine heals, the empowered feminine will love and nurture him. We must invite and honour all aspects of ourselves. The path of balance between these two polarities is the path of spiritual mastery and will help accelerate the healing of the planet.

It is important to understand the truth of this matter (Mother) so that we can get to the root (earth) of the problem to heal, and to create a world full of balance. In other words we must understand the truth of our Mother in order to descend to the earth, to get grounded and to heal.

Our medicine is in the earth and in the wisdom of our bodies.

We need roll in the dirt to truly know what it means to get grounded and to be strong with a healthy immune.

Nature is needed to nurture.

It is important for women to understand this. That we have this energy and power inside of us. For over 30,000 years we honoured and respected the Goddess, and it is surely time that we uncover the truth and her stories, so that we can bring balance within ourselves and the earth and world around us.

It is time to truly listen to the voices of women.

It is time to take back our stories and to honour the wisdom of the Goddess.

Women are the natural caretakers of this world and through honouring the power of women, will we truly heal this planet. We are all made of Shakti- Life force, both men and women can access her, but we as women have a more powerful and innate connection to her.

To truly know the Goddess, we must honour her and respect her, and we must teach our boys and men.

We are at a crossroad right now in the evolution of humanity and consciousness on this planet. We can no longer live they way we are living.

The Deep and Sacred Feminine is ready to rise.

When Shakti ascends up the spine and pierces through all the chakras, she merges with Shiva to unite in the playful lovemaking and dance of intimate bliss, where together they both ascend to the highest realms to continue the creation of the cosmos.

This is a pure, divine and blissful state that we can all activate within.

All healing and all ascension happens within the body.

The Maha Shakti lives within us all.