The Embodied Feminine 13 Week Immersion

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Join the Sisterhood

It is time to rise!
Join me in this Sacred Temple container to activate the power of the Sacred Feminine that already lives within you.
If you are reading this then you have heard the call.
I have been on this journey for over 30 years and spoke of these cosmic and global changes that we are currently experiencing. Humanity is at a crossroads and there has never been a more significant time to commit to your spiritual path and awakening. Our bodies were designed to communicate with the soul, but we have not been taught this ancient wisdom.
 For 40,000 years it was the Goddess who was worshiped and honoured, but within her natural moon cycle she had to descend for 5000 years to end the Piscean Age. Her disappearance was to prepare for her rebirth that we are experiencing now.
We have just entered a new cycle, one that corresponds with the Golden Age of Aquarius.
She is emerging, purified and regenerated.
 The Sacred Feminine is currently rising again for her New Crescent Moon cycle, a time of planting new seeds for the next 40,000 years.
 Join me for this powerful sadhana.
Together may we serve the Goddess and help her rise.

Thank you for joining this Sacred Temple Container!
Keep an eye for an email from us to confirm your registration and for all the information you need to join us on February 27th. 
So happy you are here! 
Many Blessings!