Green Tara Oracle Artwork

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Green Tara is one of the many forms of the Great Goddess Tara who is known as the Mother of all Buddhas. She is not a Bodhisattva, but a female Buddha who has attained and achieved the highest wisdom. She is the Great Protectress and the Great Compassionate Mother who can liberate us from our suffering and attachments. 

The blue lotus flower symbolizes Green Tara’s throne which she is traditionally seen sitting upon. The colour blue represents higher intelligence and perfected wisdom and is the colour of the Visuddha chakra also known as the throat chakra. The colour green is the colour of energy and stimulates the heart chakra with healing, love, and compassion. It is the colour of regeneration and spiritual growth and will guide you to become more grounded, peaceful, and serene. Illuminating from within the blue lotus is starlight, where her jeweled heart of compassion shines. The star is the essence of Green Tara for her name translates to Star.  

~Invoke Green Tara to liberate you from your attachments and to help you let go of your fear. She will help calm and purify your mind and will bring you into the present moment. She will fill your heart and soul with the greatest compassion. 

This is an original print from Tanya LeBlanc, founder of Love Not Fear Inc. This artwork was made for The Shakti Sadhana Oracle.

All orders are made to order and printed with Giclee Fine Art prints, a highly acclaimed process for fine printing. Using high-fast and UV-resistant pigment-based inks, it produces high-quality, archival-grade digital prints, printed on specifically developed paper for long-lasting results.

~ Made-to-order takes 48-72 hrs to print and process for shipping.