Kali Ma Oracle Artwork

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Kali, the Dark Mother Goddess can help us cut through our illusions with her fierce warrior and wild-like nature. Always portrayed with dark black/blue skin, the Kali Ma Oracle shows her embodied through the depths of the Maha Ganga River in Varanasi, the City of the Dead, where she sees the truth through the dark depths of your soul. Kali sees everything and all that has ever existed. 

Kali is the Goddess of Time, and she helps us clear our karma with swift, lightning-like spiritual liberation, as she destroys the illusions of the ego and form. She is the Goddess of Truth and brings quick action and change. Kali asks you to surrender to the deepest part of your soul. Her yantra symbol is ancient and holds much transformative power. 

~Invoke Kali Ma for radical awakening and liberation from the illusions of the mind. She brings you to your shadow for your most direct healing and brings much-needed change, endings, and new beginnings.

This is an original print from Tanya LeBlanc, founder of Love Not Fear Inc. This artwork was made for The Shakti Sadhana Oracle.

All orders are made to order and printed with Giclee Fine Art prints, a highly acclaimed process for fine printing. Using high-fast and UV-resistant pigment-based inks, it produces high-quality, archival-grade digital prints, printed on specifically developed paper for long-lasting results. 

Made-to-order takes 48-72 hrs to print and process for shipping.