Maha Shakti Oracle Artwork

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Maha Shakti is the Great Feminine Power. She is the consciousness of the Divine and Sacred Feminine and the Great Mother Goddess of All. She is the energy and movement of life itself and exists everywhere.

The Maha Shakti Oracle is the embodiment of feminine energy and pure cosmic power. The downward pointing triangle is a symbol of the Deep Feminine, reaching towards the manifest world, and descending to the earth, where Shakti governs all things of material creation. The triangle symbolizes the sacred yoni, the womb, and the source of creation. Yoni translates to Place of Origin. It is the symbol of her sacred gateway, the primordial womb.

~Invoke Maha Shakti to embody your feminine power and use this power to uplift the world and others around you. The Goddess is rising, and she is here to help humanity rise to their inherent wisdom and power. 

This is an original print from Tanya LeBlanc, founder of Love Not Fear Inc. This artwork was made for The Shakti Sadhana Oracle.

All orders are made to order and printed with Giclee Fine Art prints, a highly acclaimed process for fine printing. Using high-fast and UV-resistant pigment-based inks, it produces high-quality, archival-grade digital prints, printed on specifically developed paper for long-lasting results. 

Made-to-order takes 48-72 hrs to print and process for shipping.