Mary Magdalene Oracle Artwork

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Mary Magdalene is the Beloved of Christ, the Apostle of Apostles, and she was a Priestess in the Temple of Isis. She was the first and most devoted disciple of Jesus, and it is strongly believed that she was his wife, consort, and spiritual equal. 

The Oracle of Mary Magdalene radiates heavenly wisdom and brings sacred order and divine balance. The colour of violet activates and opens the crown chakra, accelerating spiritual development and revitalizing our connection to Soul. Violet can be used to restore energy, by healing any negative blocks in the emotional, and mental bodies. It transmutes all energy that does not serve the light of the Divine and clears the auric field of blockages and energetic debris. The Venus of Rose symbolizes Venus and the Carmague Cross represents hope, faith, and love.

~Invoke Mary Magdalene for love, forgiveness, and devoted compassion and to bring you to the path of the Feminine Christ, the path of the Divine Feminine. The true love of the divine is hidden within each of us, within our hearts and the body. The love you seek is within you. 

This is an original print from Tanya LeBlanc, founder of Love Not Fear Inc. This artwork was made for The Shakti Sadhana Oracle.

All orders are made to order and printed with Giclee Fine Art prints, a highly acclaimed process for fine printing. Using high-fast and UV-resistant pigment-based inks, it produces high-quality, archival-grade digital prints, printed on specifically developed paper for long-lasting results. 

Made-to-order takes 48-72 hrs to print and process for shipping.