Sekhmet Oracle Artwork

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The Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet is known as the Powerful One, the Red Lady, and Keeper of the Flame. She is older than the Sun and is the Mother of Source Energy. As a Sun Goddess, she is also known for her creative and protective qualities. She is directly related to the powers of the sun, where she gets her energy from.

The Oracle of Sekhmet is full of fire and energy. The strength of her power and protective love pierces through the sacred flame with her gaze, lending you her ultimate strength and support for your empowerment. The colours red, orange, and yellow represent the lower chakras, symbolizing energy, movement, action, change, transformation, personal power, and the cathartic healing of self-expression. The lower chakras keep us connected to life on the earth plane, and hold much power for our transformation. 

~Invoke Sekhmet for personal power and to help you set some boundaries. She will give you the courage to stand up for what you believe in. 

This is an original print from Tanya LeBlanc, founder of Love Not Fear Inc. This artwork was made for The Shakti Sadhana Oracle.

All orders are made to order and printed with Giclee Fine Art prints, a highly acclaimed process for fine printing. Using high-fast and UV-resistant pigment-based inks, it produces high-quality, archival-grade digital prints, printed on specifically developed paper for long-lasting results. 

Made-to-order takes 48-72 hrs to print and process for shipping.