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The feminine collective has arisen and reclaimed their power. At a microcosmic level, these stories tell of deep wounds and struggles; challenges which are overcome with resilience and courage. Watch these amazing women as they tap into their inner strength, embrace their sacred Divine Feminine, and rise to healing wounded womanhood on a global level.

Follow thirteen resilient and diverse women as they share their personal life stories full of pain, love, heartbreak, and triumph. Through each chapter, you will hear how they navigated their life’s voyage to cross an ocean of challenges to emerge triumphant, empowered, and ready to heal the world.

In this book you will learn the strategies these women used to help them cope with life challenges. You will walk the paths they walked of heartbreak and hear how they healed as they shared in the pain and power of their healed childhood wounds.


"I love this book! 13 woman tell some incredible, compelling and relevant stories. They are all trailblazing leaders in our society. This is a must read! Enjoy!"


"Moving stories from powerful women that have overcome varied circumstances to become leaders in the world."


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100 % of proceeds goes to the Native Women's Association of Canada